Vehicle and Fleet Tracking

Meet innovation and efficiency in vehicle and fleet tracking services.

Using Dazzle Panel GIS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions helps you to locate, manage and measure your fleet. With over 8 years of experience in the industry, we continue to develop and evolve our systems to not only surpass our competition, but to enable your company to be the best in your industry. Our solutions are used in various industries and businesses, namely, transportation, professional services, construction, wholesale and retail.

Features included in our services:

  • GPS tracking
  • Automatic record keeping
  • Reports
  • Real time vehicle information and location
  • Geofences and zones
  • Custom alerts and rules
  • Offline tracking
  • Service and renewal reminders


Live 24x7 GPS tracking

Vehicle trackers collect GPS location data and transmit them to our servers at 3 to 15 second intervals. This gives you the power to track your vehicles live while they are on the driving on the road.

Driver identification

A unique key FOB is assigned to each driver, who is then required to present the key FOB to the reader installed inside the vehicle. This associates him with that vehicle for the duration of that trip. Using the driver identification, you are then able to monitor the vehicle being driving by that driver, and is available in logs and reports.

Historic reports

With our reports, never miss a moment of your vehicle and its status. We process and store all the live location and updates sent from the GPS tracker inside the vehicle, and provide access to all the data through reports which can be exported to PDF or Excel format.

Fleet maintenance

Our solution has fleet maintenance fully integrated, allowing you to streamline data capture, scheduling and set up predictive service reminders. Providing functionality to set up custom services and renewals, alerts, and log odometer readings and fuel purchasing; with functionality to view a complete service history for every vehicle in your fleet.

Google maps

Google street view

Easy-to-use interface

Our web application is designed to be easy to use and easy accessible. Monitor over-speeding violations, generate reports, manage your users, roles and permissions, and do much more.

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