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Dazzle Panel Ltd. helps identify technology barriers that stand between you and more profitable business. We provide consultancy and advisory services, while offering practical and reliable development and integration solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Our approach to any problems is agile and pragmatic. This gives us the confidence to ensure smooth delivery throughout the lifecycle of any project.

Agile methods are the new trend, however delivering high quality software isn’t just about doing Agile right, it is also about leveraging benefits of automation, scalability and availability in the cloud. We can help you understand, mitigate the uncertainty and ease the pains of software projects by bringing a combination of experience in agile software development and cloud application development.

GPS Tracking Software

We have over 8 years of experience in developing and delivering GPS vehicle and fleet tracking solutions for various industries. Tracking your assets is critical for your daily operations, helping your business to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase profits. Improve your security and fleet operations by using our tracking platform.


You can't manage software projects in dynamic environments in the same way that traditional projects are managed. Agile methods needs to be adopted and correctly implemented. While planning an agile project may seem more difficult, understanding of continuous change and ensuring quality is built-in will ensure a successful delivery.

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Be it software methodology consulting or GPS tracking services, we'll provide you with fantastically efficient services and deliverables.

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