Software Consultancy

Developing high quality software on time, on budget, and as you planned – sounds complicated, and many times, feels far from being achievable. To make all of it possible, you need the right developers, tools, development methodology, structure and training. This is where we come in.


How Dazzle Panel’s consulting services help

  1. Optimising distributed team management
  2. Building productive and efficient teams
  3. Speeding up the development process
  4. Synchronising production and quality control departments without losing quality


Steps to implementing Agile with an existing team

  1. Audit, observe the sprint, creating the Agile implementation roadmap
  2. Implementation, build self-organising teams
  3. Monitoring, we remain available for questions and further consultancy after implementation


What we will do

  1. Improve the quality of your requirements
  2. Optimising the structure of the development teams
  3. Increasing the development team’s productivity
  4. Organising the development process in efficient ways
  5. Choosing the best tools
  6. Adjusting of your current processes to the tools
  7. Managing the rapid growth of your teams

But how do we do it?

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