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The story behind Dazzle Panel begins with Christopher Bartolo, the CEO. During his studies, he took on many freelance projects, designing and developing web sites, e-Commerce sites, and full Content Management Systems (CMS). This lead to local companies, including a medium sized, foreign company out-sourcing all their development to him. Through this, he realised a gap in the market where it comes to high quality, customisable web solution development.

During his time at the University of Malta, Chris took on a small project to develop and supply an Intelligent Bus System for a local client. The solution presented included telematics, mobile applications and server-side applications with a web interface. The client was so impressed, that he presented the solution to other clients in the transport industry, which lead to the development and sales of the DP: Track as a GPS tracking service.

Today, Dazzle Panel services a large portfolio of clients from different industries, with a range of services and products. We're young, smart, and constantly seeking out new challenges. This makes us innovative, enabling us to provide clients with a range of ideas and feature rich applications, delivering great and unique solutions.

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